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My Quarantine Hair

I haven't gotten a haircut in over a year thanks to the quarantine. I have found that the longer it gets, the less I care what it looks like. While testing out a new phone I took a few funny photos highlighting my hair.

I thought maybe my hair (which is thick and luxurious as well as long) might be able to inject a few laughs into what has been a horrible fucking pandemic. 


Check back daily-ish for a new photo and don't forget to shop all of the new products that feature different photos of my awesome hair so I can justify the cost of this site to my wife.

Finally, check out my thoughts and feelings section to learn everything you need to know about life. 

Myquarantinehair has moved into the social media realm recently so click on the icons in the header and like or follow or whatever the hell you do for each of them to see daily photos and my everyday thoughts.

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